Justine and Clive’s Wedding at Casalinga

Justine and Clive’s wedding at Casalinga took place early in March. The weather still warm in the day and not too cold at night, made the Piazza venue at Casalinga the ideal place for their reception.

Casalinga has been a gorgeous venue whenever I’ve done a shoot there, with so many places for stunning photographic opportunities and their amazing food, it is an ideal location for a wedding or any other occasion.

“Casalinga means housewife.
Everything we have at Casalinga is lovingly home-made.
We want everybody who comes through our doors
to feel at home on our beautiful organic farm.”
– Jenny De Luca (owner and founder)

I have experienced this every time I have worked at Casalinga. I would highly recommend them for any of your events!

Justine and Clive have a special love that is so evident for everyone around them to see – the way they lovingly look at each other while the other one is making a speech, or is talking to someone else tell that story louder than many words could achieve.
They say you judge a person by the friends they keep. In the case of Justine and Clive, who they are speaks volumes in the lives of their friends – wonderful people inside and out!

Thank you for letting me in to your inner circle for a few hours to be a witness of your wedding and to have the privilege of capturing the special moments of your wedding day!

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